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Combining Photography & Philosophy

The philosopher is a photographer of human existence. The photographer is a philosopher of the human at a precise moment of existential becoming.

My Story

I’m Mery and I am a Fine Art Photographer based in B.A., Argentina.

I used to be a Ph. D. and teach at the University but in my best life I’m a photographer.  The relationship between philosophy and photo is closely linked. Both seek to capture the meaning of things. While the former searches through the last questions, the latter does so through immediate question trying to grasp the truth of an instant.

I’m focus on digital edition, because when I capture a moment the other senses feel temperatures, sounds, perfums that the camera can’t portrait. So the edition allows me to create an adequate atmosphere to say what the other senses feel at that moment.




Photographer since 1998 with a strong experience of photography. Practised in use of digital and traditional cameras and various aspects of digital and traditional image. She worked with an extensive range of technical equipment (cameras, lenses, lighting and specialist software) and made courses and workshops of Intervention Photography, Study of the photographic image, Strobist Photography (Museo Fotográfico Simik), Alternative Photographic Process (FOLA- Esteban Pastorino)


Landscape Photography – Event Photography –Stock Photography


Colour Correction – Adobe PS – Adobe Lightroom – Illustrator – Digital Photography – Artistic vision – Creativity – Attention to details.


1998 to present:  Work for a wide range of employers, including creative business, publishers and photographic agencies. Free lance photographer.  Experience in preparing photograhpy exhibitions (group or solo) in foyers, galleries, etc.

2015 to present: Art Director of Augent – Doyle & Asociados.

If you’re interested in commissioning something specific, licensing, distributing my artwork or just have a general comment or question, I’d be happy to get in touch.

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